Magnolia Chest of Drawers ( Honey Finish )_Sheesham Wood

All wood products, go through an intense 3-step treatment for any termites, borers and pests. The wood used in the furniture is perfectly seasoned for optimum moisture content, to reduce the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction of the products.


Save 42%

  • Dofurnish brings the most stylish wooden furniture at your door-steps.
  • 100% sustainable wood
  • Natural and Modern aesthetic are woven seamlessly together in our furniture collection.
  • Fluid, simplistic style which takes its cues from the in-vogue polishes, textures and colors of the season.
  • This Chest of Drawer is made in sheesham wood.
Material Sheesham Wood
Size Standared Size
Finish  Honey  Finish
Dimension (Inch) 46 L x 18 W x 32 H
Brand Dofurnish
Ship in 1-2 Weeks
Delivery Condition Expert Assembly


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